Just started using these pads and they work great. I was trying to find a pair of gym gloves but nothing beats what these pads offer: good price + no sweaty palms inside gloves. I am using them with a pullup bar that has no padding… perfect! I highly recommend them. By sk
I’ve been lifting for about 10 years now. In the first two years of lifting I couldn’t find a comfortable pair of gloves that wouldn’t tug at the webs between my fingers or make my hands sweat. So I stopped using gloves altogether and got gross calloused hands. That’s unacceptable when in a professional setting

Better than gloves., October 8, 2012

The pads are thicker and softer than gloves, and that’s why they are much better for my arms. I really started enjoying my workouts.   By Aleksey

Efficient and Effective, October 8, 2012

I ordered the Grip Power Pads because I wanted to improve my grip due to arthritis in my hands. These are just the right size, easy to use and easy to bring along to a workout. I am very happy with them.   By Jean LoCicero

Exactly what i needed!!, October 7, 2012

perfect substitute to gloves. no sweaty hands. grip is secure and firm. good for lifting weights. so far so good, material is very durable. i believe these will last longer than the cheap gloves i usually use.   By AD

Great, October 7, 2012

Great product. Great price and very useful. I was looking for gym gloves and realized that this product might be more useful and less annoying to use. I am very happy with my choice.   By JoeB

Not bad!, October 7, 2012

These are not as bad as I thought and it really works wonders! No more callus ! Anyways the reason I gave this a 4 star is the smell it provided. It was a weird smell. By Rong

Best of Best, October 7, 2012

those deserve every cent ! wonderful , i recommend it for who has pain between his fingers because of gloves By Meshal Alshadoukhi (Hudson , usa)
I bought both the soft and foam pads. I’ll start off with the foam pads. I hardly ever use these ones, i find their a little too short for me. They didn’t fit around a lot of the barbells and handles at my gym. I would recommend these to someone who is looking to increase

Better than gloves, October 4, 2012

These pads work great. I recently switched from gloves because they were spreading my fingers apart and causing pain throughout my hand. I now use the power pads and they work great. They feel natural and are the closest you can get to being bare handed in terms of control. I pair them with wrist