A must have for a WOD, September 25, 2012

The Power Grips are very convenient for Crossfit. Time and performance is everything. I no longer have to struggle putting on & taking off my gloves in the middle of a WOD. The Power Grips have a much better grip to any gloves I’ve used. Great for pullups, kettlebell swings, farmers walk and any bar

Good enough, September 24, 2012

Works as it suppose to work. Nothing fancy about this. Two pads that will give your hands a little more comfort. Not really for the heavy duty lifters but for moderate lifting this will be just fine. By TNT

Better Than Gloves!, September 23, 2012

These are great. Perfect size and thickness for lifting weights. Great no slip texture gives a secure and firm grip. I also use these for all type of chin ups / pullups and extended bar hangs for my grip work. I have used some of the other grips and these are far and away the

Love them!, September 23, 2012

These are the best, hand savers, great grip support, long lasting and durable. Best of all…no more blisters and callouses! By Daveylaw

Awesome!, September 23, 2012

Firm grip: Worked out with these for the first time the other day and they worked great! Kept my hands from sweating because you can take them off right after your lift, provided great grip against the bar and did not have me worried doing heavy bench. Would definitely get another pair after these get
These grips are way better then using gloves. After using these grips for a week I’ve noticed that i can get more reps in during my workouts because they don’t move around while i’m lifting. when i use gloves for my workouts then tend to shift a bit which makes it hard for me to
These pads work great for the dumbbells in my home gym, and are an excellent choice for vegans. Few companies make a lifting glove that isn’t leather, and the non-leather choices are often very expensive. This product works well, and for the price, I’m happy with my purchase. By rg-s

Great so far, September 16, 2012

Was looking for workout gloves because I use a cast iron dumbbell at home and stumbled across these power pads, and I’ve gotta say I’m very pleased with them. They’re comfortable, convenient and no sweaty palms after use. By noyoucannot123

Not bulky, September 14, 2012

Was looking for an alternative to gloves as i dislike the bunching up feeling btwn my fingers when i lift. The pads worked out nicely. The firm pads are better (for me) than gloves while lifting and the soft pads are great for dips and pushups (i use an iron gym bar so sometimes i

Great Product!, September 12, 2012

This is a great product. I used to wear gloves to prevent callouses. Instead of getting callouses on my hand, I would get them on my fingers. Exercises that require you to hold dumbbells, and exercises like deadlifts can tear up your fingers. Fortunately, I found this product through Amazon (where I purchase a lot