Why Lifting Grips Provide the Ultimate Protection in the Gym?

Lifting Grips

Weightlifters go to great lengths to protect their bodies from wear and tear, injuries and breakdown. FroLifting Gripsm being careful about the food they eat, to following strict sleep patterns and workout routines, anyone who cares about their long-term health knows you can never be too safe Patented Lifting Grips

One area, however, that weightlifters tend to overlook is their hands. A weightlifter’s hands endures an endless amount of abuse and pain during a workout routine. In fact, injuries to the hands are the second most common injury a weightlifter experiences, behind his or her back. That’s why so many weightlifters choose to use lifting grips.

Weightlifting has been proven to prevent, and even reverse, arthritis in the elbows, knees and shoulders. Unfortunately, weightlifting without lifting grips can actually cause arthritis. And, with more than 50 bones inside your hand, it’s no wonder so many weightlifters suffer hand pain and injury.

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Using lifting grips can prevent the pain and injury

It doesn’t take a scientist to realize that your hands endure damage during your workout. The more (and heavier) you lift, the more likely your hands feel raw, cramped, or achy. Oftentimes, in lieu of lifting grips, weightlifters turn to workout gloves for relief. The majority of these gloves, however, serve only to protect your hands from blisters or calluses (and some fail to do that). In some cases, these gloves will help improve your grip as well. However, these gloves are not designed to protect the entirety of your hands (from fingers, to bones and muscles) like lifting grips can.

Lifting grips are generally made from a thicker material than most gloves. This added material allows the lifting grips to serve their actual purpose of a cushion between your hand and bar. And while not all lifting grips are made of the same high quality, certain premium grips are designed to also prevent slippage, far better than any glove can.

How lifting grips work to protect your hands?

Unlike gloves, lifting grips are designed to cover the entirety of your hands. Gloves fail to protect your fingers. But the fingers of your hand Lifting Grips - Buy New Lifting Grips Onlinecontain tiny bones, muscles and ligaments, all of which are strained during a workout. While the palm of your hand benefits from some layer of natural protection, your fingers are left vulnerable, unless you use lifting grips.

The finger holes, in fact, not only leave your fingers exposed, but weaken the gloves themselves. Lifting grips, on the other hand, are solidly built and last far longer than any glove. In addition, some lifting grips, such as the ones designed by Grip Power Pads, feature easily adjustable Velcro straps that protect your wrists and keep your lifting grips firmly placed on your hands.

Improve your performance with lifting grips

Protection is one of the chief concerns of many weightlifters who choose to invest in a pair of gloves or lifting grips. However, one of the added benefits of lifting grips is how these grips can improve your performance. When hands are protected, weightlifters often discover an added level of energy and endurance during their routines. From longer workouts to heavier weights, lifting grips improve your performance, thus helping you to excel and reach your long-term weight training goals.

Lifting grips

reimagined with Grip Power Pads

While lifting grips – generally speaking – outperform and protect most workout gloves, the reality is that not all grips are created equally. Some grips don’t provide enough padding, while others don’t offer a true non-slip grip. Other grip pads feature finger holes (which, like gloves, compromise the durability of the pad, while also causing unneeded friction and heat on your hands). One of the most versatile and effective lineups of lifting grips on the market is offered by Grip Power Pads. Grip Power Pads recently released three new, patent-pending grips designed for every type of weightlifter imaginable. Grip Power Pad NEO and FIT are similar in design, in that they both feature a neoprene material on the outside of the grip, and a nylon cover on the inside. The neoprene is an extremely durable product, making these lifting grips outlast nearly any other pad on the market. The neoprene also provides a premium non-slip grip. FIT is designed for female weightlifters, while NEO is designed for men (with bigger hands).Buy New Lifting Grips Online

The Grip Power Pad PRO is made out of a rubbery material, making it a thicker pad. This rubbery material is ideally suited for heavy lifting days, and provides protection against slipping like no other lifting grips.

All of the new patent-pending grips offered by Grip Power Pads feature Velcro straps and a stainless steel metal ring that allows you to easily adjust the pad to any hand size. These pads are designed to be easily worn, and taken off, giving you power over the timing of your routine.

There’s no reason for pain and discomfort

While there certainly is merit to the phrase “No pain, no gain,”that motto was not intended to represent your hands. No matter how committed you are to your workout routine, your hands remain one of the most vulnerable parts of your body. Not only that, but your hands are a vital component of your workout regiment. Even if you hurt a specific muscle in your body, you’re still capable of focusing on other areas while at the gym. Yet when your hands are injured, being able to make the most out of your workouts becomes near impossible. Protecting your hands isn’t just about comfort – although that’s a large part of it. It’s also about ensuring you maintain an overall health that allows you to push as hard as you want, as often you’d like, in order to tone and hone your body. Lifting grips help get you there.