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You wouldn’t think that a workout glove could be “new age,” would you? Once it was created years ago, that was that. Problem solved. But nothing could be further from the truth. Grip Power Pads has been able to revolutionize the workout glove, and has created new age gloves that enhance your bodybuilding performance. But how? The new age gloves by Grip Power Pads are designed to provide full protection to your hands while increasing your grip on equipment and rods. Unlike other workout gloves, our new age gloves don’t cover the parts of your hand that don’t need protection. What this does is ensure that your hands can breathe and remain comfortable, despite your intense workout.

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Full protection and a no-slip grip … always with our new age gloves!

The Grip Power Pads new age gloves are designed with a moisture-proof material that will provide you with a full grip, no matter how sweaty your palms get. Most workout gloves don’t feature this benefit. Slippery hands can, in fact, cause serious injuries. With the new age gloves by Grip Power Pads , however, you never have to worry about losing your grip.

PRO New Age Workout Gloves

Our Grip Power Pads PRO is made of a 1/4-inch thick, spongy rubber material on both sides of the pad. These revolutionary and new age gloves also feature a velcro strap and stainless steel metal ring, allowing you to adjust your grip pad to your hand’s unique size and shape. The power of the rubber is noticed the minute you lift your first weight – there is no slippage at all. And, because of the rubber material of the PRO – this new age glove is ideal for heavy-lifting days.

NEO New Age Workout Gloves 

Of course, it’s important that you have options when it comes to your workout gloves or lifting grips. That’s why we’ve introduced our new age gloves known as the NEO. NEO looks a lot like PRO (although the PRO features yellow stitching). The significant difference between PRO and NEO is that NEO is made of neoprene, truly making the NEO a new age workout glove. Neoprene is known for its durability, but also features superb non-slip properties. It’s perfect for every day use.

FIT New Age Workout Gloves for Women

To round out our new age gloves, we’ve introduced the Grip Power Pads FIT, which is the same model as PRO, only it’s a workout glove designed for women. Aside from the pink stitching, the FIT is also sized and shaped differently, which should make these new age gloves a much better fit for the typically smaller and more slender hands of a woman.

With durable material made to protect and last, Grip Power Pads ’ new age gloves don’t just keep up with other workout gloves. They demolish their competition.

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