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Grip Power Pads: Made with the world's newest PATENTED anti-slip hand grip technology.

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Cobra Grips by Grip Power Pads claims to be the only gym accessory you’ll ever need. But how does the product live up to this promise?

Weightlifting isn’t just for guys! More and more women are finding weightlifting to be a healthy form of exercise. It tones up muscles while providing a defined look that many women (and men) strive for!

There’s no shortage of options out there when it comes to men's gym gloves. How can you determine which gym glove is best for you? Many factors go into what makes gym gloves great... including proper fit, skin-friendly material, and a glove that can withstand the abuse of a powerful workout!

About Grip Power Pads

Introducing the world’s newest anti-slip hand grip technology! We're pleased to present Grip Power Pads. These pads are essential in providing the protection and comfort you need during your workouts. They're simple to use, durable and odor-resistant. They will protect your hands from sweating, overheating and...


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  • I was COMPLETELY shocked by how much i liked the grips. In fact i haven’t used my gloves since my purchase. I'm VERY IMPRESSED. The thin ones are perfect for the smith machine, triceps ext, & pull-ups. Then the thick ones for dead-lifts, curls, lat-pulls, & seated rows. I would definitely order another pair and i have already recommended these to a couple of people at the gym.
  • Always used these pads for lifting. It has been hard to find them in a local gym. These are good, practical and cheap.
    Mike, NY
  • I have been using these for a couple of weeks now and have absolutely no complaints. The soreness the gloves caused my hands is gone and I am able to lift heavier with these. I will be ordering extra pairs as I know I will eventually leave them and grace someone else’s life with them.
    J. Holston
  • I have the strength to do more pull-ups than I’m able to when I grip a bare bar because my hands hurt from the hard metal. Now that I have the grip pads I’m able to do pull-ups without killing my hands. Great for people who just need to cushion their grip!
    Vicky Stone