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Adds friction when holding weights giving firm grip


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We provide protection and comfort you need during your workouts.

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I’ve used gloves and lifting straps in the past, and came across these things by accident while looking to get a new set of straps. These things are awesome. They’re comfortable, they increase your gription, and they eliminate calluses by buffering your hand from the crosshatching on barbells and dumbbells. You won’t regret trying them

I used this everyday in the gym and it keeps my hands clean from all the grime and dirt and sweat that others put on dumbbells and equipment but also gives great grip depending on the size you choose. I chose foam grip which is the thickest of the 3 and it feels like a thin towel on the dumbbell which is great for improving grip which is why i chose the thickest one

I purchased this item to prevent my hands from sliding on the barbells. I am in my mid 30’s and have been training all my life. My wrists and even fingers have been sore lately after lifting. I figured I would try wrist straps (which have helped) and this product because I don’t like wearing gloves.