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We are pleased to present our newest Gym Gear, The Grip Power Pad . These pads are essential in providing the protection and comfort you need during your workout. They are simple to use, durable and odor-resistant. They will protect your hands from sweating, overheating and developing calluses. Your Grip Power Pads are easy to carry along with your workout gear so you’ll have them on hand while you continue your quest for fitness and health.

We created the Grip Power Pads like we design all of our workout gear, to help make your workout easier, more efficient and an all around a better experience. All of our workout gear is made of the best materials to fit the function and design of the particular product. Everything is designed with the user in mind. We consider the fit, the elasticity for comfort and ease of movement and its durability for long-lasting use and function.

Our first product was actually invented by a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT). While he was doing intense workouts he realized that he needed to protect his hands. After trying a number of different brands of workout gloves, he was still getting blisters and building up calluses. His hands hurt. His gloves were also retaining sweat and they even began to smell. When he tried using thin rubber covers on his palms instead, he couldn’t get a solid grip. This is when he decided to design something that would work. He came up with the Original Grip Pad which was eventually developed into our current product, the Grip Power Pad .

Using the Grip Power Pad , he no longer gets blisters and calluses. When his hands sweat the moisture doesn’t accumulate, and instead evaporates and dries quickly. The grip he’s able to achieve is unmatched as compared to any other product he’s tried. The kind of rubber that’s used in the Grip Power Pad adds to the friction when holding weights or hanging onto a pull-up bar. This makes the entire workout more productive. The user is more comfortable throughout their workout, feeling safer and more secure. The strap design will not entangle your fingers or put pressure on your wrists. It allows your hands to breathe and not sweat while holding the pad securely over your palm, where you need the grip. High quality Velcro is used so they’re easily adjusted and quickly removed at the end of your workout.

After many design revisions the Grip Power Pad is far better than any other workout glove. It’s a necessary piece of gear to give you the grip you need while protecting your hands

Our Mission Statement

To make Grip Power Pads the #1 choice in its class, to make them the #1 alternative to traditional gym gloves and to replace gloves altogether. Their versatility, compactness, durability and most of all, their grip is unmatched.

Company CEO

Fitness Trends

U.S. fitness-equipment manufacturers serve two main markets in the $10 billion dollar fitness market: consumers and institutions. Out of the two, the consumer market is significantly larger, as over 80% of fitness equipment is for personal use, either at the home or for consumers to take with them to the gym.
Since the 1990s, the industry has grown immensely, though the rising popularity of sporting good stores, mass merchants, and online retailers
has resulted in specialty realtors declining significantly. In general, fitness-equipment specialty stores usually sell what is considered to be the
“top of the line” equipment, while general sporting good stores and mass merchants sell lower and mid-priced lines.
Grip Power Pads was made to appeal equally to all demographics, as each can benefit. However, here are our main targets:

  • Casual Gym Goers
  • Fitness Buffs
  • Cerebral palsy victims, stroke patients, and others with grip problems

The price of Grip Power Pads can’t be matched! The average price of workout gloves is around $15 and higher quality ones often sell for double that amount.
We offer a product that is just as durable as higher end workout gloves and easier to use and store for less than $10. Our low cost can sometimes turn off some consumers who might view our product as being “cheap.” But the truth is, major companies are able to dictate retail shelf space due to long-standing business relationships. We’re avoiding the middleman.

Worldwide Momentum

Grip Power Pad is proud to ship our Pads Worldwide. We offer very competitive shipping rates. Shipping rates may vary depending on your location and quantity that your order. Any order over 500 pairs will receive free Word Wide Shipping with a Tracking number. You may call us at + 1 877 644 7171 and choose option 5 for international shipping details. Please note we take a variety of payments such as Google checkout, Amazon checkout, PayPal, Western Union, Money Orders, Wire Transfer, Webmoney and much more. You may email us with you questions at [email protected].

Grip Power Pads ship daily worldwide to countries such as: United States, Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Lebanon, Lithuania, Malaysia, New Zealand, North Korea, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Puerto Rico, Romania, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Netherlands, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Ukraine and United Kingdom. Grip Power Pads appreciates your International business.


Soft, durable GRIP POWER PADS work to maximize comfort and grip with a “no strings attached” design that makes these pads adjust to any hand size (man or woman). The non-slippery  surface makes your gym experience safer during weight lifting. The stretch material protects your palms from calluses and blister formation. Lightweight composition and thickness of the PADS make them “just right” to secure your grip.

We are proudly made in the USA. Our Soft and Firm Grip Power Pads are made of natural (100% ) American rubber. Please visit our Shop Page for more details of our products.