A lot of gym accessories are currently offered in the market these days but there is one particular type of accessory that aims to provide you with a superb and comfortable grip experience and that’s Grip Pads. Performing different routines inside the gym entails a lot of gripping and handling of different types of gym

Secure Your Grip!

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Working out requires patience, determination and commitment. Over the years different products have been introduced into the market to make working out easier. Doing it using bare hands is not recommended because it will cause a lot of problems, which is why people later switched to using gloves. Gym gloves are good but grip power

Grip Power Pads Vs Wrist Straps

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Grip power pads are the most preferred workout pads all across the globe. Fitness enthusiasts and professional body builders would always use advance grip power pads instead of any other variety. There are various types of gym gloves, workout pads and wrist straps are also often found to be used in gyms, by athletes and

Grip Strength

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Strength is commonly defined as your body’s ability to apply force and relates to various body parts and muscle groups. For example, grip strength is an upper-extremity function that measures the amount of force produced through the hand. While grip strength can be improved through proper training, there are numerous physiological factors that contribute to

Weightlifting gloves are designed to protect your hands and provide increased grip. Unfortunately, they fall short on their claims. In fact, although most people flock toward these gloves first, they’re quick to ditch them after experiencing friction which causes blistering, overheating of the hand, and discomfort as the gloves shrink and become difficult to take

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Grip Purists

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It’s time to take a step back and consider what you’re actually doing when you ignore the possibilities of a grip aid. When you train your grip every day, it starts to have an effect on your body. Just like any other workout, you need to give your body time to recover. Would you want

The New Age Gloves

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Do you work out in the gym? And do the weight of the bars cause pain in your hands? Then the solution to your problem lies in the using of the Grip Power Pads. They have been made in such a way so that it will protect your hand during the strenuous exercises and also

Use Grip Power Pads and Remain Germ Free

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Do you work out regularly in the gym? And you want to keep yourself free from the attacks of germs and bacteria? Then opt for a grip power pad as that will ensure your safety from the attack of the germs on your body to a great extent. The equipments like the bars and the

Why grip power pads give more power?

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Here are some reasons why you should always go for grip power pads: They offer a lot more power than any other Gym gloves. There is a reason to it. They actually fit the hand completely and comfortably without covering it. The best thing about them is they offer a lot more control than any