Grip Power PRO Lifting Belt for Women

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Brand: Grip Power Pads
UPC: 600977996513
Package Quantity: 1 Belt
Type: Neoprene Foam Belt
Category: Sporting Goods

Grip Power Pro Lifting Belt for Women - Black and Pink Weightlifting Support Belt - 5" Wide - 5 Length Sizes - Rubber Pull for Easy Removal - Stylish Fitness Gear & Exercise Accessories

  • FINALLY! A LIFTING BELT FOR WOMEN! Our bodybuilding belt is made to fit your figure and will have you looking stylish with its black and pink design.
  • GIVE YOUR WORKOUT YOUR ALL. Our belt helps to keep your core engaged, so you can maintain proper form and do more reps with less risk of injury.
  • EXTRA WIDE FOR MAXIMUM SUPPORT. Our weightlifting belt is 5 inches wide, bigger than other belts to give you more support while ensuring your full comfort.
  • EASY ON & OFF. Sure grip VELCRO is great for quick fastening. And the rubber tab at the end makes the belt easy to pull off.
  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE. This belt comes in small, medium and large sizes, and you can tighten and loosen it easily since there are no buckles to fasten.

Guys aren't the only ones who hit the gym and work out hard in order to build lean muscle and burn fat! So why are all the weightlifting belts out there made to fit men only?

Grip Power Pro knows that women like you want to be able to focus on your workout and give it your all, so we developed the Grip Power Pro Lifting Belt for women just for you!

The Grip Power Pro Lifting Belt for Women is just like a lifting belt for men but with a fit and look that is especially for ladies. Available in three sizes, the belt fits comfortably around your waist, and it has a feminine black and pink color scheme. At 5 inches in width, the belt is wider than the others on the market, giving you more support for better results with every rep.

Putting the Grip Power Pro Lifting Belt for Women on is easy. Just wrap it around your waist and press the Velcro ends together. The sure grip Velcro will stay secure until your workout is complete. When you're finished lifting, just pull the rubber tab, and the belt comes off easily. No buckles and no fasteners mean there are never any hassles using this women's lifting belt!

When you're wearing the Grip Power Pro Lifting Belt for Women, your core will be fully engaged through every rep. Not only will this help to tone and flatten your tummy, but it will also make it possible for you to maintain proper body alignment and form with every rep. Your stamina will improve, and you'll be at a lower risk for straining your back with this belt strapped on!

Get more out of your workouts with the bodybuilding belt that's made especially for women! Order the Grip Power Pro Lifting Belt for Women now.

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