Mesh Gear Bag - Multipurpose Gym Bag, Beach Bag Scuba Diving Bag & More

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Brand: Grip Power Pads
UPC: 0712096172256
Package Quantity: 1 Bag
Type: Mesh
Category: Sporting Goods

  • BREATHABLE MESH CONSTRUCTION. Whatever you place inside of this gear bag will be able to dry with ease due to its unique airflow design.
  • PERFECT FOR EVERY ACTIVITY! Use it at the beach for wet towels, at the gym for your sneakers and towels, for your scuba diving gear, your sports equipment and anything else.
  • ULTRA SPACIOUS GEAR BAG. Our bag measures 10 inches in width by 10 inches in depth by 18 inches in length giving you plenty of room for your essentials. Slip pockets on the front and sides give you extra storage space.
  • SO EASY TO CARRY! It's extra long shoulder strap and double handles give you a number of ways to tote the bag.
  • SECURE TOP FASTENING. Zipper top keeps your gear safely inside when you're on the go

Carrying sweaty, wet or muddy gear can be a real hassle with an ordinary gym bag or gear bag. Inside of those basic bags, your gear never dries. This can lead to the development of mold and the growth of odor-causing bacteria. Gross!

Fortunately, there is a better way for you to tote the dirtiest, wettest or sweatiest gear anywhere! The Grip Power Pads Mesh Gear Bag is the answer.

The Grip Power Pads Mesh Gear Bag is unlike other gym bags and beach bags on the market today because it's made out of heavy-duty mesh material. Although the bag is built tough to stand up to wear and tear, its breathable weave allows air to circulate through the bag, allowing whatever is inside to air out and to dry.

Measuring 10 inches in width by 10 inches in depth by 18 inches in length, the Grip Power Pads Mesh Gear Bag can be used in so many ways. It's the perfect:

- Pool or beach bag for your wet towels, swimsuit and sunscreen

- Gym bag for your sneakers, weightlifting gear and towels

- Scuba-diving and snorkeling gear bag

- Sports bag for muddy cleats, towels and uniforms

- Gym bag for school phys ed classes

- Gear bag for any other activity!

To keep your belongings safe and sound inside of the Grip Power Pads Mesh Gear Bag, the bag is outfitted with a smooth-pull zipper. Slip pockets are included on the front and sides of the bag, providing extra storage space for small items. The combination adjustable shoulder and dual handle design lets you carry the gear bag in the way that's most comfortable for you for maximum convenience. And on top of all that, our gear bag looks stylish with its black design and white, yellow and red accents.

Let your gear dry when you're on the go with the best breathable mesh bag on Amazon! Order the Grip Power Pads Mesh Gear Bag now.

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