Grip Power Pads NEO Grip Pad Gym Gloves Alternative Weightlifting Grips

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Brand: Grip Power Pads
UPC: 0700381711174
Package Quantity: 1 Pair
Type: Neoprene Pads
Category: B00KCVOU9E
ASIN: Sporting Goods

Grip Power Pads ®

The World's Newest Patented Anti-Slip Hand Grip Technology, Superior To Typical Gym Gloves.

Most bodybuilders use gym gloves in order to gain a firm grasp on weights during their workouts. Unfortunately, most traditional gym gloves give weightlifters a different and unwanted feel of the weights, and often slip out during reps. Grip Power Pads® NEO are ergonomically designed to fit any size hands and bring additional comfort during weight lifting.

These new Grip Power Pads® are a combination of lifting grips, gloves and pads. There's nothing else on the market similar to this product - so be prepared to do more reps during your workout with these lifting grip pads. The secret is the texture of the material that grasps the bar and doesn't let your hand slide off. In addition, your hands don't sweat like they do when you use traditional leather gym gloves. Our's have a thicker, spongy protective material than the original rubber Grip Pads.

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