Triangle Quick Lifting Wrist Straps Weightlifting Heavy Duty Neoprene Padded 1 Pair Cotton Wraps Grip Support Grip Pad Pads (Black & Yellow)

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Brand: Grip Power Pads
UPC: 600977997268
Package Quantity: 1 Pair
Type: Cotton Straps
Category: Sporting Goods

Triangle Lifting Straps Heavy Duty Neoprene Padded 1 Pair Cotton Wrist Wraps Grip Support Straps Grip Pad Pads (Black and Yellow, One Size)

  • You get: One bag that includes 2 heavy duty stitched cotton triangle canvas straps.
  • Their neoprene pads cushion your wrists and hands while lifting.
  • They dramatically improve gripping strength.
  • Wash with soap and cold water.
  • Durable stitching.

These deluxe lifting straps have extra heavy duty neoprene padding to cushion your wrists and hands while facilitating heavy lifting. DO NOT compare these to the average straps that have no padding. These Heavy Lift Straps will improve your gripping strength dramatically!

Grip Power Pads Straps Classic Lifting Straps are designed to increase the amount of weight that you can lift by improving the grip around the bar and making your wrist comfortable with neoprene padding. The strap acts as a support by taking some of the weight off of the hands and fingers, and shifting it to the wrist and back of the forearm and wrist.

• Great for doing shrugs, lateral pull downs, low pulls, pull ups and any exercise that requires a firm grip

• Suitable for athletes doing wrist strength training

• Can offer forearms more energy to coordinate whole body exercises

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