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August 9, 2014 in Blog

Use Grip Power Pads for all types of movements

The new ”Grip Power Pads” Gym Gloves and Weight Lifting Grip Pads were created to solve this simple yet important issue. Through our customized and patented Grip Power Pads , the sleek, easy to use hand grip will ensure that you will be protected from any potential injury due to the grip fatigue and/or grip failure. With our customized comfortable grip pads, you no longer have to worry about becoming tired, having muscle fatigue or losing your grip. You could instead focus on what’s important – completing your ultimate workout. According to the research science, to gain the maximum development of larger muscles, your grip and hands must first be protected.

Gym Gloves and weight lifting grip pads by Grip Power Pads are used for all types of movements within the strength training process. Whether you are “bench pressing” or “dead lifting”, our customized pads replaces the need for typical gym-gloves, hooks or wrist straps. You no longer need to worry about sweaty hands, blisters and calluses, as our premium pads work hard for you, while you are working out to become healthy and strong. With the greater traction that you receive from your new Grip Power Pad, you will be able to get more power and therefore more results out of your workout.

Unlike many of the other products that are sold to help with these issues, Grip Power Pads are simple to use. They are customized to fit around the palm of your hand, which allows you easy grip through the weightlifting grips process. No longer do you need wrap anything around your wrists or fingers and risk a potential injury. With our customized Grip, all you need to do is wrap your palm around our soft neoprene material base and tighten the strap for added control. On the gripping side of our pads, our proprietary adhesive material creates a strong and confident grip and firmly holds the weight.

Long nails? Jewelry? No problem! With PRO – Grip Power Pads or Unisex NEO Grip Power Pads


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