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June 1, 2016 in Blog

Grip Power Pads: What’s The Difference?

Here at Grip Power Pads, we often get asked, “What’s the difference between your 6 products: PRO, NEO, FIT, Soft, Firm, and Foam Grip Power Pads?”

Great question! The answer is that our pads are divided into 2 series: Professional Patented Lifting Grips (PRO, NEO, FIT) and Classic Grip Pads (SOFT, FIRM, FOAM). Take a look at their detailed descriptions below:

Grip Power Pads PRO – These pads are constructed of soft 0.2″ thick spongy rubber, with Velcro straps and a stainless steel metal ring to adjust to any hand size. They are very comfortable lifting pads, and provide the best non-slip grip you can get during your workouts. Ideal for heavy lifting, they’re the most popular Grip Pads among our customers.

Grip Power Pads NEO – These grip pads are constructed of black neoprene, are 0.2″ thick, and feature Velcro straps and a stainless steel metal ring that adjusts to any hand size. These lifting pads are recommended for both men and women for everyday use.

Grip Power Pads FIT – Our FIT pads are constructed of neoprene rubber and are approximately 0.12″ thick. These pads are a thinner and smaller neoprene version of the NEO pad and are recommended for women for everyday use.

Grip Power Pads Soft – Grip Power Pads Soft are our simple rubber grip pads. These pads are constructed of soft rubber and are approximately 0.2″ thick. They are simple lifting grips that don’t feature straps, and are the most economical product in our lineup.

Grip Power Pads Firm – These are our simple rubber pads, constructed of firm rubber. They are approximately 0.12″ thick. These workout pads provide minimum palm coverage, ideal for keeping your hands safe from sharp metal points and bars. They will provide you with maximum support and grip while isolating any metal from your skin. Our Firm model is comprised of formed rubber which imitates the shape of the coated metal bars.

Grip Power Pads Foam – These pads are our simple foam pads. They are constructed of a mix of synthetic foam and rubber and are 0.25″ thick. There pads are recommended for more advanced weight lifters, who require more hand protection for their grip.

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